Vision Statement

Toward the attainment of a genuine and meaningful Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, We, the officers and employees envision the Regional Legislative Assembly as a Team of God-fearing, enlightened and dedicated people who are committed to the aspirations, promotion and attainment of the region’s sustainable peace and order, growth and development and freedom to pursue the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao’s destiny through active participation and supportive collaboration of an empowered citizenry in the legislative process in order to evolve an effective and efficient, transparent and accountable regional government.

Important Notes

For any complaints, suggestions, or article submissions please email the web administrators at our contact number.


ARMM Complex, Gov. Gutierrez Street, Cotabato City
Phone: (064) 552-1089 (064) 552-0192
Fax: (064) 552-6019
Email: [email protected]

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